Javier Sagastuy-Brena

Javier Sagastuy-Brena

PhD Candidate at Stanford University



I am a PhD Candidate at the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University. I joined the Stanford Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory with P.I. Dan Yamins in September 2018 widely interested in understanding how the human brain works using computational models. I’ve worked in projects on recurrent models of the visual system, biologically-inspired learning rules and deep learning theory. More recently I’ve been working on understanding how to measure similarity betweeen individuals’ neural responses and how to map between them. I am also interested in the application and safe deployment of AI systems in the real world.

Before starting grad school, I spent two years working at a Mexican FinTech startup, teaching Computer Science, and doing research in machine learning for text mining. My non-academic interests include alpine skiing, cycling, hiking, cooking, and an ever-increasing obsession with coffee.

sagas [at] hey [dot] com


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Neuroscience


  • PhD in Computational and Mathematical Engineering, 2023

    Stanford University

  • MSc in Computational and Mathematical Engineering, 2019

    Stanford University

  • BSc in Computer Engineering, 2015

    Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

  • BSc in Applied Mathematics, 2015

    Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México